This Comprehensive Package Has EVERYTHING You Need To Become A Successful Print On Demand Seller, Even If You've Never Sold A Product Before.

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The POD Game Is Rigged - Here's Why
The formula for POD success is pretty simple. Offer unique products at a competitive price to a passionate audience and make money without any upfront product or manufacturing costs.

Except there's a big elephant in the room that is keeping you from being successful selling POD... 

You see, most print-on-demand companies markup their products up so high that after ad costs and platform fees, there is little or any profit left for you, the hardworking seller. 

Everyone makes their money except YOU!

Because of these high markups, the print-on-demand companies make it nearly impossible for POD sellers to make a full-time or part-time income selling pod.   

As POD sellers, just like you, that didn't seem fair us. That's why we created Quadra Pro - a print on demand membership service that gives POD sellers volume manufacturing pricing so that they can sell more product and make more profit!

Take YOUR profits back with Quadra Pro!


Amazing Trainings And Resources To Help You Through The Process of Starting, Scaling, and Managing Your Print on Demand Business

The Best Pricing on Quadra's Products:

Over the years of selling POD, we have forged strong relationships with manufacturers who give us HUGE product discounts that regular POD sellers could never get. As a Quadra Pro member, you get these instant savings that we've taken years to negotiate with our manufacturers. This way, you start making more profit from day one!

First Access to New Products:

With Quadra Pro, you'll get first access to all new Quadra products so you can sell them before anyone else.

Quadra's Print on Demand Starter Package:

We'll never leave you guessing about the next steps. With these incredible trainings and resources, we'll guide you through the process of starting your store, creating best-selling designs, and marketing your products to passionate customers.

  • Getting Started with Shopify Training: From signing up for Shopify to configuring your shipping settings, we'll show you exactly how to use Shopify to sell Quadra products. Class hosted with Taylor Page, Shopify expert.
  • ​Winning Designs Training: The most important part of creating best-selling products is the design you put on them. People buy products that they have a connection with. We'll show you exactly how to create these designs. Anyone can do this!
  • Done-For-You Designs Package: Start launching designs and making sales immediately with our package of hundreds of done-for-you designs. All you have to do is download them, and upload them to a product. We've used these designs on our own site so we know they sell!
  • Facebook Ads Training: Learn the exact Facebook ads strategies we've used to launch hundreds of best-selling products. These strategies are still working in our business today so we know they can work for you.


Quadra's Scaling Your Store Package:

After you've completed the starting your store package, you'll be ready to move forward with our scaling your store package. Here we'll show you the strategies we've used to make our print on demand business fully automated with consistent year-round sales.

  • Hiring a Designer Training: Are you worried about creating designs that will sell? In this training we'll show you how we hire talented and professional designers overseas. This is extremely affordable and allows you to create professional-looking products without having to create the designs yourself.
  • ​Hiring an Uploader Training: If you want to automate your business, this training is perfect for you. We'll show you how to hire a reliable outsourcer to upload your products to your site and the document we use to simplify this process.
  • Product-Launching Training: The best thing we ever did for our print on demand businesses was creating a system that managed our product launches. With this system, you'll be able to ensure consistent sales year round. We'll walk through the process of implementing this in your business from beginning to end.
  • ​Product-Launching Cheat Sheet: The key to using our product-launching process is this cheat sheet. If you sign up for Quadra Pro. we'll give you access to this ready-to-use document for free.

Exclusive Monthly POD Trainings with Brian and John:

Leverage our expertise and start making profit sooner with our monthly trainings! We cover everything from getting your store started to selling on Amazon and launching Facebook retargeting ads.

What People Are Saying About Quadra:

It changed their lives, just like it can change yours.